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Typically, your PR efforts will be proactive (issuing press releases to media outlets to tell your stories) or reactive (when a story breaks about your business and journalists want to know more). But there's another way to do it: what we call 'responsive PR'.

Responsive PR is a middle way when it comes to securing media coverage, and works by tapping into networks of journalists that are seeking to connect with experts in their field for stories and articles they're already planning or in the process of writing.

Responding to journalists that are already hungry to talk to you can improve your chances of getting your business or personal brand featured in the news.

It's a bit like the difference between social media ads and search engine ads. The former thrusts your business in front of social media users that may not actually be particularly interested in you and what you sell or do when they're browsing their feeds to see what their friends are up to; whereas ads on Google get shown only to people that have expressed interest in your products or services.

It's a great way to make sure you keep securing positive media coverage even when you don't have your own stories to tell.

Last year saw journalists submit 86,731 enquiries seeking comment and opinion on a range of topics covering 25 sectors of the economy, including everything from consumer technology, through environment and nature, health, leisure and hobbies, business and finance, computing and telecoms, construction and property, manufacturing, engineering and energy, media and marketing to travel.

We monitor these journalistic enquiries and flag-up any that are related to what you do and your area of expertise, then seek to provide journalists with your written comments or arrange an interview.

Speed is of the essence and so from the moment we notify you of a potentially suitable media enquiry, you need to reply affirmatively within an hour otherwise the journalist looking for your opinions will use someone else's.

Our responsive PR service can be used on a standalone basis or as part of our monthly retainer contracts.

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