And they're SEXY AF

This handy mnemonic describes the values that guide our behaviours whilst also providing an insight into the character of our business.



We'll speak plainly and explain everything without jargon



We'll tell you the 'why' as well as the 'what' and 'how'


-ceptionally* Commercial

We won't suggest ideas unless we can see a clear path to commercial results



We get fully invested in helping you achieve your goals, even those outside our brief


And Fun

We want you to enjoy working with us, so we try to keep it light (but professional)

Here's why this stuff really matters

The barriers to entry in our industry are pretty low. Anyone can claim to be an expert (and many do). Standards vary A LOT, and so everyone tends to get a bad rap. Because of this, businesses and charities are often wary of spending money on external PR and marketing support, sceptical about the results that will be achieved and concerned about the potential for costs to escalate. Our SEXY AF values are intended to combat this fear by putting you at ease about how we do business.

We hear time and time again how lots of agencies use impenetrable jargon and seem unable to provide simple answers to reasonable questions. That's why we're committed to straight-talking. We think its important to be clear with you at all times. If we don't know the answer to something, we'll be upfront about that (but then go away and find out). We'll never hide behind big words.

We always want to leave our clients in better shape than we found them. That's why we take a very educational approach to our work. By explaining why we employ certain strategies and tactics, not just the what and how of the work we do, we not only seek to gain your trust, we also want to empower your for the future so that when we're no longer working together (it happens, even we eventually run out of creative ideas) you're better able to judge the proposals that other agencies pitch you, so you don't get stitched-up.

We are all about outcomes, which is why we're x-ceptionally* commercial in our approach. We won't spend your money on frivolous activities and campaigns, just on things we believe will get results. You'll see this in our 'start with the end in mind, and work backwards to move forwards' way of doing things. It's also why we don't do creativity for the sake of it - if boring works, that's what you'll get.

We get very invested in the success of our clients, because we really want them to achieve their goals, which is why we're very you-centric. Even when it's beyond our agreed brief, if we see a chance to grab some media coverage, for instance, or to improve your website and its SEO, we'll let you know so you can act on it. We bring a very strategic view of our work and where it sits in your broader promotional PR and marketing efforts so that no opportunities get missed.

You can expect us to be professional and fun in the way we conduct our relationship. On average, Brits spend 34 hours and 26 minutes a week at work - at 1,795 hours, that's around 20% of your year, and you don't want it to be a chore. We want you to enjoy working with us, so we try to keep it light and personable not stuffy and corporate.

Ready to experience our SEXY AF brand values for yourself?

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