Cheers to 20 Years 

We're celebrating two decades in 2022

Who we are

We are Fifty2M, a full-service PR and marketing agency based in Preston, Lancashire, that helps start-up and established businesses across the UK to stand out from the crowd, and cut through all the noise, in order to get seen and heard by those that matter.

Founded on 19th June 2002, we're still led by managing director, Lee Petts, after two decades. Our work spans all sectors and every type and size of business imaginable.

How we work

We start with the end in mind and then work backwards to figure out what you need. That way, when we start implementing our strategies and plans, we're in better shape to achieve the outcomes you need.

Everything we do is totally tailored to your situation and what matters most to you.

As a distributed agency, our work is delivered by a combination of talented in-house experts and trusted third parties, covering everything from strategic communications planning, digital, creative, advertising, press release and content creation, to media relations, public consultation and stakeholder engagement.

Why we do it

Lee explains: "We do it because we love it, and want to help smaller businesses and charities to flourish. Being part of someone's business journey, and helping them achieve their ambitions, is a real privilege. And there's nothing more rewarding than watching the reaction of client when they see themselves in the media for the first time thanks to our PR skills, or when a marketing campaign starts to take off. It's a joy."

Let's work together

Our team is excited to start getting to understand how you'd like to become more known about and what you'd like to be known for, so that we can start making that a reality with you. Get a free initial consultation to chat with one of our experts, exchange ideas, and learn more about how our process works.