Pricing and Charging

If you're like most of our clients, you'll want to know what it's going to cost to access our expertise, and how our billing works. So, we've put together this handy explainer. And whilst we don't get into the weeds of exactly what our charges look like (in case our rivals are spying on us) it will at least help you understand how our rates are calculated and constructed.

How we calculate our prices

There are generally two components to our pricing: things we do in-house, and things we buy-in.

Everything we do in-house ourselves is based on the time and resource committed to deliver the work we're hired to perform, multiplied by an hourly rate that's designed to recover all associated costs and leave us with a profit.

Things we buy-in, like print or advertising, are charged at cost plus a small handling fee (to cover some of the cash flow risk we take on).

So, for instance, let's say you ask us to create an Out-Of-Home billboard advertising campaign for a new product launch. We'll estimate the time it will take to:

  • do any relevant research
  • craft your marketing messages
  • design the posters
  • do the copywriting
  • identify the best locations
  • negotiate prices and book space
  • launch and manage the campaign

and then multiply this by an hourly rate to establish what our professional fees will be. This is the in-house component you'll be invoiced for.

In addition, we'll buy the advertising space for the duration of the campaign at the chosen locations, and invoice you for this separately (the stuff we buy-in on your behalf).

Our charging structures

Every client is different and has its own unique circumstances, and so when it comes to the way we charge for our work, we try to be as flexible and accommodating as we can.

Project pricing: fixed cost

If cost certainty is important to you, we can provide you with a fixed price for a given project. When you opt for this approach, we'll tightly define the scope of the project and invoice you the agreed cost - with an important caveat: if you alter the scope of the project once it's underway, any amendments will be put through our Change Control process, and you will be billed separately for any additional costs incurred as a result of the requested changes.

Project pricing: time-based cost

This is perfect for those projects and initiatives where tightly defining the scope isn't always as easy. We agree an hourly rate at the outset, maintain detailed timesheets to record all work performed, and then invoice you accordingly during the life of the project.

Retainer pricing: fixed monthly rate

You might be looking for a longer-term, more strategic partnership. In this case, a retainer model might be more attractive. You can buy monthly 'blocks' of time ranging from 4 to 16 hours a month and pay a fixed amount by direct debit every month.

Retainer pricing: monthly 'cap-and-collar'

Sometimes, you might want a longer-term relationship but with extra flexibility built-in throughout the year to adapt to expected seasonal fluctuations for example. This is what our 'cap-and-collar' pricing is best suited to. Each month, you'll be invoiced somewhere between the agreed minimum amount (the 'collar') and a maximum (the 'cap') based on our time invested at the agreed hourly rate. If we encounter a situation in which it looks likely even the cap will be exceeded, you'll be given the opportunity to either temporarily increase the cap that period or accept reduced output and activity (below the collar) in a subsequent period. This gives us a degree of income certainty and helps us plan our resource deployment in a way that also allows us to scale-up and meet your additional demands when needed without constantly having to seek additional approvals, but where you're always in control of your expenditure.

Longer = better

We know that the longer we work with you, the better the results will get. It's simple really: we get to know you in more detail, and that allows us to gain clearer insights into your audiences so we can hone your promotional PR and marketing messages for greater impact.

We also value longer-term commitments because of the income visibility that provides for us.

Our pricing reflects this synergy.

One-off, ad-hoc projects always attract our highest hourly rates. Retainer agreements, whether on a fixed monthly rate or cap-and-collar basis, attract lower hourly rates - and these reduce even more depending on the length of your commitment, so you'll pay less if you sign-up for two years than if you sign-up for six months.

Charity discounts

We love working with charities and helping them achieve their charitable objects with mission-driven PR and marketing. And knowing that every penny counts even more when you're running a not-for-profit organisation, we automatically reduce our headline hourly rates for charities and other third sector organisations such as social enterprises and qualifying Community Interest Companies (CICs).

Fair, flexible pricing and great results

Ready to start a conversation about working together, with fair pricing and flexible charging structures on top of great results? Then let's get on a discovery call! It's free, last around an hour, and is an opportunity for you to tell us what you're looking to achieve and for us both to see if we might be a good fit together. Request your call by clicking below and sending us your details so we can get in touch and get you booked in!