Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, it's only natural. See if we've answered them before

Aren't all PR and marketing agencies 'growth-focused'?

You'd think so, but not in the way we are. Many can't seem to demonstrably tie their work to helping their clients grow. They might get results, but if those results aren't making a material difference to the successful growth of their clients, are they really meaningful? We'd argue not. Results for the sake of results help nobody, which is why we concentrate on results that have a measurable impact on growth.

What makes Fifty2M different?

Everything we do is centred around helping you achieve your growth ambitions, which means we bring a refreshingly commercial focus. We won't make recommendations on strategy, tactics or propose campaigns unless we can see a clear path to achieving commercial results with you, it's that simple. We treat your money like it's our own and jealously guard your spend.

Why should we outsource this?

Because we work with a variety of businesses and charities spanning a multitude of sectors, we're able to share the lessons we learn elsewhere with our entire client community, which helps us produce results faster for everyone. You also don't have to learn all the lessons yourselves. Not only do you get to access this experience and expertise, trusting us to do it for you frees you up to focus on what you do best.

How much is it going to cost?

We don't do standard pricing because every client is unique and has different ambitions. But you can rest assured that we strive to ensure that everything we do is affordable, offers maximum value for money, and earns you the biggest Return On Investment possible - because, that way, you'll not only work with us for longer, you'll tell others good things about us!

We've had poor results from other agencies, why should we trust you?

We hate hearing this, but it's sadly all too common 😔 Lots of agencies out there get carried away with the creative aspects of this job and fixate on outputs rather than focusing on outcomes. All that matters to us is getting you results that enable your growth. If a boring ad can achieve that, it's what we'll do. We also know how to say 'no' and can be trusted to tell you straight if we think an approach is wrong.

It all feels like a guessing game, can you show me what effect your work is having on our business?

We know that what gets measured gets managed. Ask anyone that knows us properly and they'll all tell you that we obsess over every scrap of data to help us understand what is and isn't working, allowing us to constantly tweak and improve what we're doing in order to get you bigger and better results. Honestly, you'll get sick us coming to you with insights and proof before we tire of supplying it 😬

When we've worked with other agencies, it's always felt like they're hiding behind smoke and mirrors, how are you different?

Some agencies know what works but not why, and so when it's not working they don't know how to address that, using smoke and mirrors to hide this lack of understanding. We're the exact opposite. We're transparent about what we do and don't know, but also about the effort we're prepared to put into finding find out. It's better this way, because you'll trust us more and work with us for longer.

How can we work with you?

It all starts with an initial discovery call, where we seek to understand your growth ambitions and then decide if we're the right fit for you. If we think we can add value and help you grow, then we'll produce proposals for how we can do that and confirm what that will cost. Once accepted, you'll go through our full onboarding process where we get into the minutiae of strategies, tactics and campaigns.


Want help to grow with expert PR and marketing?

Tell us about your growth ambitions and we'll soon tell you if we think we're the right fit for you and your business or charity. It all starts with a free, 1 hour-long discovery call. Don't worry, there's no obligation to request proposals or launch into any kind of contract with us, it's just a conversation and fact-finding mission.

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