Emailing us

Please note that we may need to consider disclosing information we receive by email if it is necessary to respond to a request under information rights legislation, for example a Subject Access Request.  

We security and virus check all the emails we send. You should, however, take all necessary precautions to make sure the emails you receive are safe, for example by using an up-to-date virus checker.  

You should take any necessary precautions when deciding how to contact us. Email can be intercepted. If you would prefer to use encrypted email, particularly if sending us sensitive information, please feel free to do so.  

We only accept emails with a maximum size, including any attachments, of 10MB. If you need to send us more information than this, please spread any attachments over more than one email, use a service like WeTransfer, or contact us to arrange for a secure file transfer.  

We may monitor email traffic data, and also the content of email, for quality, training and security purposes.  

We may also block emails that are sent to us. Please make sure any emails you send to us do not carry any illegal or indecent content.