What we do

(And how we do it)

We devise strategies and deliver intelligent, captivating and engaging communications, PR and marketing campaigns that help you stand out and cut through, so you get seen and heard by the audiences that matter to you most.

Whether you're a business looking for new customers, a charity seeking donations and volunteers, an NGO with a cause or a place in need of promotion to attract visitors, we can help with:

  • Strategy
  • Branding and design
  • Video marketing
  • Social media
  • Market research
  • Content creation and copy writing
  • PR and media
  • Search marketing
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Web development
  • Integrated campaigns

It always starts with understanding what you're trying to achieve, and working backwards from there.

We're big believers in a blended approach that combines online with offline communications methods in order to reach more people and achieve bigger results.

We bring heaps of creativity to everything we do, and you'll find that we not only see problems that you haven't thought of but solutions to them as well.

But while being creative we're also very commercial-minded, and a tad obsessed with achieving outcomes (not just outputs). We're also more than a bit fixated on generating returns for our clients, and use data to drive decison-making.

What's more, we do it all with no fluff. You can count on us for honest, unambiguous advice and guidance: if you come to us with what we think is a bad idea, we'll be brave enough to tell you in order to help you safeguard your PR and marketing budget.

What we don't do: bog standard

Bog standard = flushing your budget. We won't ever do that, and will always treat your money as if it's our own, making sure you get maximum value.

Level-up your business with Fifty2M

Our services are designed to get you seen the way you want to be seen, by the audiences that matter to you, to help you grow.

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