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Improving your understanding of PR and Marketing

B2B lead generation basics

If you supply goods and services to other businesses, chances are you need to invest in lead generation. Learn about the basics here.

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Lead generation and the marketing funnel

The marketing funnel is a visual representation of the typical customer journey and usually includes three distinct stages that are very much aligned with lead generation. Learn more about them here.

The components of a successful lead generation machine

When you set out to build a full-funnel lead generation machine, there are several essential components that you'll need if you want it to work. Read about them here.

The role of websites and landing pages in your lead generation process

Modern B2B lead generation relies heavily on digital marketing assets to do the heavy lifting. We've got all the details for you here.

How data helps keep our lead machines performing at peak

Every ad we run, every email we send, and every hit we get on the websites and landing pages we use for lead generation tells us something useful. Find out more here.

Why not everyone progresses down the marketing funnel

The crux of it is this: people only buy when they're ready to, i.e. when they have an established want or need they're seeking to fulfil. Read more about this here.

Why you need email nurturing campaigns in your lead generation

Email nurturing, using automated email sequences, allows you to supply people with highly relevant and personalised content to stay front-of-mind and keep them engaged. Learn more.

How PR boosts your lead generation results

PR or public relations (securing editorial coverage in 'earned media') will give your lead generation efforts a helping in hand in three main ways, find out more about them here.

Content marketing and where it sits in the marketing funnel

Content marketing is a strategic approach to getting branded materials in front of, or in the hands of, your target audience, largely in the top and middle of the marketing funnel. Read more here.

Lead magnets and how to use them

Lead magnets are invaluable when it comes to creating engagement in the middle of your marketing funnel. Boost your understanding of them here.

SWOT analysis

When deciding on a new marketing strategy, it's always a good idea to review your current situation. A SWOT analysis is a great starting point.

How to boost your email marketing open rates

Getting people to open your marketing emails is crucial, so how do you get more of them to do that? Let's look at some of the options.

How do you know what content to create for your audience?

It's easy to write stuff that you're interested in. It's pretty easy to write stuff you *think* others will be interested in. But what you need to do is create content your audience will want to consume. Learn more about this here.

How to do Bronze, Silver, Gold pricing properly

Bronze, Silver, Gold package prices can be really helpful, but they need to be done right or you'll lose out

A to Z of PR and Marketing

Like anything, PR and marketing have their own lingo and jargon, so here are some of the common terms you might come across and what they are.

What is divisible content and how to use it

Divisible content is a marketing technique that involves creating a larger piece of content and then breaking it down into smaller, more consumable pieces

What website 'friction' is and how to avoid it

Is something harming your lead generation success or ecommerce conversions? It could be what's known as website 'friction'.