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Sometimes, you need to make the news yourself and you can do that with a publicity stunt - whether that's a clever piece of guerrilla marketing or just a photo call with journalists. Whatever it is, we can come up with the concept and execute it for you.

Not every story you want to tell in the media will actually be a story, and convincing journalists otherwise will typically prove futile.

So, occasionally, you may want to consider doing or creating something newsworthy on purpose in order to earn your business or brand some extra media exposure.

There are lots of ways to create your own news 'hooks' but a publicity stunt can be a very effective option.

Take Greggs the bakers. In 2018, it cheekily reversed the sign on one of its outlets in Newcastle-upon-Tyne so that it reflected in the famous Christmas window display at Fenwick's department store across the street, meaning the Greggs branding would appear in the photos taken by admirers and visitors to the Fenwick's store. The stunt was widely reported across the UK in the media.

Virgin boss Richard Branson has made himself famous with his publicity stunts over the years, all of which have helped to elevate the Virgin brand. When rival airline BA was having problems erecting its London Eye, Branson hijacked paid for a blimp carrying the tongue-in-cheek message "BA can't get it up" to fly past.

There's no end to the sorts of things you can do like this to generate attention once you get creative about it.

We can combine a flair for guerrilla marketing with our PR expertise to create a publicity stunt for you that creates a buzz about your business or brand whilst also securing media coverage for you.

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