Reactive Press Statements

Need help drafting and issuing reactive press statements?

Most of the time, your PR efforts will be proactive as you seek to gain favourable media exposure. But sometimes, events outside your control require a reactive response, and we can help.

It's not a crisis or scandal, but something has happened that has brought your business to the attention of the media and they're going to run a story that, without proper context, may not create quite the impression you want people to have.

In situations like this, it's customary for journalists to afford you a 'right of reply' - an opportunity for you to state your position and offer your point of view, perhaps correcting assertions and opinions that have no factual basis but without appearing overly defensive or even confrontational.

Often, this is done with a written press statement.

We can help with drafting and issuing reactive press statements to journalists on your behalf, responding calmly and factually to set the record straight. Sometimes, this can result in journalists dropping their stories altogether, but where they do still go to press, a well-written statement that provides the necessary context and clarity can help to ensure much more balanced reporting and that you get your fair share of voice.

If you don't respond, and a story gets printed anyway, the chances are you'll have missed an opportunity to positively shape people's perception of your business. Don't make that mistake, get expert help with reactive press statements as soon as you become aware of journalists preparing stories about you.

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