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Telling your stories in the media is a great way to build credibility and trust, but if you've tried it for yourself by writing and sending your own press releases, you'll know it's not always that easy.

For a start, not everything you think is a story is a story - or at least not to journalists.

They think with their audiences in mind, and are typically only interested in stories that they know their readers, viewers or listeners will find engaging, entertaining, interesting and informative.

Then there's how you write, structure and send your press releases. And the relationship you enjoy with the journalists you're hoping will use them.

We can help you sift the genuinely newsworthy from everything else, craft these stories into something your audience will want to know about, then fashion them into press releases that pique the interest of journalists - all of which will increase your chances of securing coverage.

Not only that, but we'll monitor for the appearance of your stories in the media and help you maximise the exposure you gain.

As well as proactive press releases, we can also write and issue reactive press statements should this be necessary, for instance in the event of a crisis or incident.

You can engage us to write press releases on an ad-hoc basis, just when you need them, or as part of an ongoing communications and PR campaign.

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