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Putting on your own bespoke events should be an essential part of your promotional PR and marketing.

Hosting your own events, whether that's an informative breakfast seminar or an evening drinks mixer, can help your business grow in several ways.

Firstly, it creates PR opportunities - you can either tell people about an event in advance ("YourCo announces informative new breakfast seminar") or afterwards ("YourCo's recent informative breakfast seminar proved a hit"). Or you can try both. Either way, it helps to give your business or brand a visibility and awareness boost.

Secondly, you get to showcase your knowledge and expertise, which can really help to establish your credibility. If you can get other expert speakers to address your event as well, it also looks like you have 'pull' which further underscores your professionalism.

Thirdly, everyone new to you that attends is a lead. By attending (in fact, even just by registering) they signal interest in you and what do you. You just need to then follow-up with them afterwards - and if you've done a good job of establishing your credibility (see above) you're in a better place going into a deeper conversation.

These three reasons alone should be enough to convince you to embark on some sort of events programme this year as you rebound from the pandemic.

However, there's a but...

Conceiving of, planning and executing successful events - whether one-off or as part of a series - is a big commitment and there are lot of moving parts. You need a venue, catering, invitations, a way for people to easily register, speakers, AV sorted in advance, and much more besides.

Making your event a success depends on attention to detail.

Get it right, though, and you'll find that your own specialist events are a great addition to your promotional marketing repertoire.

Know who organises and promotes events like this for clients? That's right, we do. If you're thinking about how you can use bespoke events as part of your business growth plans, start a conversation with us today.

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