Small Charities: Elevate Your PR and Marketing Game

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Lee Petts

Chief Growth Officer at Fifty2M


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  • Limited Resources: Small charities often have limited budgets and staff, which can make it difficult for them to compete with larger organisations that have more resources for PR and marketing
  • Lack of Expertise: Many small charities may not have the necessary expertise in-house to execute effective PR and marketing campaigns. This can lead to missed opportunities or ineffective campaigns 
  • Difficulty Standing Out: With so many charities competing for attention, it can be challenging for smaller organisations to stand out and get noticed by potential donors or supporters
  • Limited Reach: Small charities may not have a broad network of connections or the ability to reach large audiences, which can limit their ability to spread awareness about their cause
  • Donor Fatigue: With so many charities vying for donor support, it can be challenging for small charities to capture the attention of potential donors who may be experiencing donor fatigue
  • Balancing Messaging and Costs: Small charities may struggle to balance the need for effective messaging with the need to keep costs low. This can lead to messaging and campaigns that are less impactful

Sound familiar?

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Programme Overview

Our 6 week peer-to-peer learning program is designed specifically for small charities like yours.

It comprises of 6 online sessions each lasting two hours and spaced a week apart. The sessions are structured, and fully facilitated by Fifty2M founder and Chief Growth Officer, Lee Petts.

Over the course of the program, you'll have the opportunity to connect with and learn from other small charities facing similar challenges, gain insights and strategies to elevate your PR and marketing game, develop an action plan to implement new ideas and strategies, and celebrate successes and achievements with your peers.


Join our wait list for the next cohort

Our Track Record

"We engaged the services of Fifty2M to assist us in delivering peer-to-peer sessions for businesses in Lancashire. Devised and led by Lee Petts, the sessions were engaging, practical and packed with business-boosting ideas to make a positive impact in the organisations of participants. Lee captured the attention of delegates and ensured that each of them had the tools to help drive forward their respective businesses, which led to extremely positive feedback from the companies participating in the programme."

Babs Murphy

Chief Executive

North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce